Performing professionally around the world for over 40 years, learning his craft from the best living magicians,

Steve Aldrich is truly one of the world's master magicians.


Has appeared in comedy clubs across the western US.

Has represented companies at trade shows across the US. Trade show photo

Produced and directed the "Magic in the Rockies" regional magician's convention, 7 times.

Appeared at the Thunderbird Lodge, Taos Ski Valley NM 20 years in a row! Thunderbird Lodge TSV

Won many magic contests in the state of Colorado.

Wrote and produced a comedy revue for Information Handling Services Co., Denver,

Disney world cast

which received an enthusiastic standing ovation at Walt Disney World, Florida.

Steve's group, the Foan Family Circus, won the "Senator Crandall Award" for the funniest piece of business at the Abbotts Get Together magician's convention, Colon Michigan.

Some of the BIG NAMES with whom Steve has appeared:

  • Jerry Seinfeld (Denver Comedy Works)
  • Louie Anderson (Liked me so much, he let me share the food backstage.)
  • George Duke and Stanley Clark
  • Helen Reddy (3 times! Wow.)
  • Jose Feliciano
  • Paula Poundstone (Introduced her, way more than once.)
  • Ellen DeGeneris
  • Sam Kineson
  • Roseanne
  • Pat Paulsen
  • Jeannie C. Rily (Of course you remember Harper Valley PTA.)
  • And ... did yoyo tricks Thunderbird Lodge TSV ...while Tommy Smothers watched!
  • James Galway ties Steve's thumbs Galway in Aspen Colorado.

Steve Aldrich is the ONLY magician alive who owns a tuxedo once worn by Kuda Bux!

Some venues where Steve has performed:

  • Magic Castle, Hollywood (20 years of repeat performances)
  • Comedy Works, Denver ( too many shows to count)
  • Paramount Theater, Denver (An original magic ballet, and a show with Louie Anderson)
  • Turn of the Century, Denver
  • Rainbow Music Hall, Denver
  • Thunderbird Lodge, Taos Ski Valley NM (over 20 years of repeat performances)
  • World Famous Tower Restaurant, Snowmass CO
  • Ritz Carlton, Aspen CO
  • Playboy Club, Denver CO
  • Playboy Mansion, Chicago (No, Hef wasn't there.)
  • Yellowstone Club, Montana
  • In a snow cat, on the way to the peak at the Yellowstone Club (They loved it!)
  • Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone Park
  • Renaissance Faires in Colorado and Pennsylvania.
  • On the deck of a ferry to Alaska
  • On a flat bed truck, Gerring Nebraska
  • The Mountan Bell parking garage, Pueblo CO
  • Nick's birthday party, Bozeman MT
  • Top of Kachina Peak, Taos Ski Valley NM
  • Comedy Corner, Colorado Springs (too many shows to count)
  • Comedy Works Boise, Holy City Zoo San Francisco, and all those other clubs whose names I can't even remember
  • Prom parties, sales awards dinners, company picnics, Halloween parties, New Year parties, and a biker's pig roast.

Steve performs original illusions Trade show photo and the classics of sleight of hand in his own unique and entertaining style.

His baffling presentations have entertained audiences of all ages around the world.

Steve has performed his amazing magic in 11 countries and 31 states.

Some of the wonderful effects in Steve's show

  • The Amazing Slydini Silks. You'll gasp in amazement!
  • The Al Baker Cut and Restored Ribbon, as personally taught to me by the Professor himself, Dai Vernon.
  • Orville Meyer's fun mystery of the Cosmic Blue Ray, with technique from Juan Tamariz, and some of Steve's own original work.
  • Bert Allerton's terrific Photo Card Miracle. You don't see this every day.
  • George Blake's baffling Uncanny Hanks, as re-designed by Steve. A lovely rarity.
  • Fawcett Ross' excellent Books and Slate mystery. With a little touch recommended by the great Orville Meyer. Fools everybody.
  • The Cups and Balls. The world's oldest magical illusion, done to perfection.
  • The Paul Fox Jumping Knot. Wow! How does he do it?
  • Gene Anderson's wonderful newspaper trick.
  • Fred Kaps' amusing Homing Card. Ed Sullivan enjoyed this trick too.
  • The Miser's Dream. Superb sleight of hand, laughs and mystery.
  • And many more...

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