Bozeman magician Steve Aldrich

Steve performs original illusions wand and ball photo and the classics of sleight of hand in his own unique and entertaining style.

His baffling presentations have entertained audiences of all ages around the world.

Steve has performed his amazing magic in 11 countries and 31 states.

Some of the wonderful magic in Steve's show

  • The Amazing Slydini Silks. You'll gasp in amazement!
  • The Al Baker Cut and Restored Ribbon, as personally taught to me by the Professor himself, Dai Vernon.
  • Orville Meyer's fun mystery of the Cosmic Blue Ray, with technique from Juan Tamariz, and some of Steve's own original work.
  • Bert Allerton's terrific Photo Card Miracle. You don't see this every day.
  • George Blake's baffling Uncanny Hanks, as re-designed by Steve. A lovely rarity.
  • Fawcett Ross' excellent Books and Slate mystery. With a little touch recommended by the great Orville Meyer. Fools everybody.
  • The Cups and Balls. The world's oldest magical illusion, done to perfection.
  • The Paul Fox Jumping Knot. Wow! How does he do it?
  • Gene Anderson's wonderful newspaper trick.
  • Fred Kaps' amusing Homing Card. Ed Sullivan enjoyed this trick too.
  • The Miser's Dream. Superb sleight of hand, laughs and mystery.
  • And many more...

Don't you want to book Steve today , so you can see these miracles too?
Of course you do!